Free Crochet Patterns

These patterns are for personal use only. You can find more patterns, as well as plenty of helpful advice, in our best–selling crochet book, Crochet Unravelled.

Free Online Crochet Patterns

The following patterns are available as web pages:

  • Crochet Christmas cracker
  • Crochet snowman
  • Crochet Christmas stocking
  • Crochet Christmas chains
  • Crochet Christmas pudding
  • Crochet toddler's hat
  • Crochet Father Christmas
  • Crochet pineapple fridge magnet

Free PDF Crochet Patterns

And these are available for download in PDF format:

  • Premature Baby Hats in three sizes
  • Bracelet & Scrunchie
  • Bottle Bag free UK crochet pattern
  • Chevron Scarf free crochet pattern
  • Cobweb Cover free crochet pattern
  • Flower Cushion free crochet pattern
  • Skullcap free crochet pattern